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I'm going straight I am.
Ronnie Barker has always been a big hero of mine. My first childhood memories are of being at 'No. 7', my Nan and Granddad's house on site of the Water Board (now Thames Water) at Hampton. After a day playing around the reservoirs and going in the old WWII bomb shelters (perish the thought of doing that in 2016), I'd hop on the sofa with Nan and watch John Pertwee as Doctor Who, The Black and White Minstrels Show (Nan loved it) and The Two Ronnie's, my favourite. Happy Days!

OK, but that still doesn't explain the title of the blog does it. Hang on, getting there. Forgive the indulgence but after serving more than a life sentence at Microsoft where you are constantly berated for lack of brevity (people even abbreviated OK to...k), I need to get back into the habit of eloquence and story telling. I'm a little rusty, can you tell? Anyway so Going Straight....After playing Norman Stanley Fletcher in Porridge, a detainee at H.M. Prison Slade, Barker returned to life on the outside as Fletcher once more in the sitcom Going Straight (cue music).

Given that I've recently finished an 18 year 'stretch' at Microsoft and recently got 'payrolled' (see what I did there?), it seemed apt to name this blog as a tribute to Mr. Barker (OBE), albeit for one of his lesser well received series, cancelled after 6 episodes.

Going Straight is also a good analogy. Softee's are often accused of being aloof and not living in the real world. Well, I'm now practising what I've preached so often. I've stepped outside those big walls and I'm taking all I've learned onto the streets to help businesses make this IT thing... less annoying!

Anyway onto the blog posts....

Mark -

Mr. Ronnie Barker (O.B.E) 1929-2005

April 2021

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