your I.T. sucks!*

It’s holding up your business growth, putting your business at risk, turning your hair grey AND costing you time & money.

You need Less Annoying IT as your partner. You leave the tech to us, to understand what the root cause of your headaches are and put long-term, cost-effective solutions in place. Better use of your money, better use of your time, better use of your investments.

Say goodbye to glitches, sayonora to slow computers and hello to I.T that contributes to your business. Call us today and we’ll make your I.T…. Less Annoying.

*we assume, else you wouldn’t be searching for help

safe & secure

Keeping your data and that of your customers private is a priority. GDPR puts greater accountability on you.  Let’s talk about making sure you’re safe and secure.

cloud computing

Using cloud services brings powerful systems into the reach of any size of company. No hardware to own, no maintenance, no ‘unplanned’ updates.


When things break or you have questions about your systems, you need to get efficient and effective answers so you can get on with your business.

network & telecoms

You need fast and reliable data and voice communications, it’s mission critical. Be it mobile or fixed, you’ll get the best on offer and benefit from extensive experience.

virtual chief tech officer

You want to know you’re making the right tech investments and how they will give a competitive edge, what’s coming next and the effect on your business.

software, hardware, services

You need your purchases to be smart and deliver great value from the start. You need to optimise their lifespan, know the right time to dispose & de-risk information theft.

  • Mark recognised my pain and genuinely wanted to help. I'm incredibly appreciative of him for this as we are now able to test our work in a Mac environment as well as troubleshoot without bothering the client. Thanks Mark!

    Ryan Irving
    Ryan Irving Director